CPU and monitor stand comes in standard so that you can transfer your Match-Rite System to different inserting machines and you can re-position the stand to the operators preference.

Match-Rite Camera System

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The Match-Rite Camera System was designed to be an affordable alternative to "Blind Matching".  We put close to 25 years of experience in mailing equipment and computer programming to work and develop a matching system that is within reach of small to large mailing operations


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Video Match-Rite uses small cameras to capture the names and addresses of the pieces to be matched in the operating of an inserting system.

The images are then frozen on the computer monitor for visual inspection by the operator.  If a miss-matched is seen, the operator can then stop the inserting system and make correction to avoid having miss-matched mail.



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Depending on the job you are running on the inserting system, you can check every other one, or every 3rd, 4th, 5th, or more envelope.



The Match-Rite Camera System runs in the Windows System and has a software that is easy and simple to navigate as seen on this screen shot.



Small cameras are mounted on magnetic bases so you have unlimited positions.

A re-designed cam system can be installed at the end or on the back of the inserting machine.